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Amethyst mallisto

Introducing our Amethyst -collection! Sydän kuva

In the already familiar concept, the new stone brings all the familiar beauties to the selection in the new violet colour Sydän kuva Magical Amethyst jewellery charm you with their beauty, and our violet interior décor products bring magical beauty to your home! Amethyst stone is one of the most popular semi-precious stones used in jewellery and we just had to make it part of our own selection too Sydän kuva And of course we couldn't leave out interior décor products that match the colour scheme!

Sydän kuva The violet coloured Amethyst jewellery and interior décor products are so beautiful Sydän kuva

Amethyst rannekorut
Amethyst sisustustuotteet

The new Amethyst -collection includes all our series, both jewellery and interior décor, so there is plenty of choice! By combining products from different collections, you can create beautiful stone and colour combinations Sydän kuva We haven't had anything violet before, so Amethyst is more than welcome and brings a whole new dimension to the our colour scheme Sydän kuva

Ametistikoruja Ajax -koruastialla
Ametisti Athena ja Freyja

We organised a raffle in honour of the Amethyst -collection, as we usually do, and again we were surprised by the number of participants! It's wonderful how many people always want to participate in our raffle and how many beautiful comments we received about the products Sydän kuva The winner was drawn on 21 November 2022 and the winner was delivered the product of their choice, Athena-earrings amethyst (gold plated)! You should definitely follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram, so you don't miss out on future raffles, offers and news Sydän kuva

Ametisti Athena-korvakorut

In November (11.11), we also celebrated Singles' Day, known as the opposite of Valentine's Day, and for us it meant that all products were 11% off! A lot of jewellery and decoration products found new homes Sydän kuva And the November sales aren't over yet, as one of the biggest sales of the year, Black Friday, is here! Our Black Friday sale, all products -30%, is ongoing and valid only until 28 November 2022! Have fun shopping!

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