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August 2023

And so this summer comes to an end and autumn is already knocking at the door. Autumn is full of lovely colours, beautiful nature and new opportunities Sydän kuva Next month we will celebrate Saarlin's September Birthday again but let's first see what we have been up to in August.

In August, the new Eos-series was launched Sydän kuva The series includes jewellery with a round disc, pendants with the text “Hengitä” (Breathe) and earrings with a thin chain that runs from the front of the earring to the clasp. The “Hengitä” (Breathe) text pendants are a great reminder to stop and breathe when your world gets too hectic Sydän kuva

The topical and timeless Eos-series Sydän kuva


The Eos-series jewellery is stainless steel, also available in gold plated of course and especially the “Hengitä” (Breathe) pendants have been popular from the beginning Sydän kuva The Eos-earrings are wonderfully different because of the chain and go perfectly with the Eos-pendant. The pendants are available in several different chain lengths and the “Hengitä” (Breathe) pendant is one of our best jewellery pieces to give as a gift to someone Sydän kuva


In honour of the Eos-series, a draw was held, with Eos-jewellery as prize options Sydän kuva The winner was drawn on 21.8.2023 and the winner received the product of their choice, the Eos-pendant, “Hengitä” (Breathe) (SS)! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram, so you don't miss out on future draws, offers and news Sydän kuva

Eos draw
Eos draw winner

In honour of the end of cabin season celebrations, aka Venetsialaiset, we organised the Free Gift Days, during which all orders over 25€ received a free choice of Aphrodite-earrings 1 stone. Free Gift Days are always popular and we got to make a lot of products again! What could be better than ordering new jewellery and receiving a great pair of earrings as a gift Sydän kuva

Free Gift Days

Sydän kuva HAPPY AUTUMN TO EVERYONE Sydän kuva

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